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Welcome To NACCI
North Assam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NACCI), Tezpur. Located at the heart of Tezpur Town is an organization which has nearly 500+ members, who work for the development of Business sector in Tezpur.

The objects for which the Association is established are:-

  • (1) To foster and develop friendly relations mutual help and common understanding Amongst all who are directly or indirectly interested in or concerned with the Trade, Commerce, Industry etc.
  • (2) To secure organised action on all matters relating to the interests of the business community in North Assam in particular, and in any part of India in general.
  • (3) To encourage and stimulate the development of Commerce, Trade, Industry etc. in the state of Assam in general and on the North Bank in particular.
  • (4) To protect the interest of the persons engaged in Commerce, Trade, Industry etc. in the state of Assam in general and on the North Bank in particular and also to watch and protect the commercial, industrial & financial interests of India.
  • (5) To consider all matters and queries connected with Trade, Industry, Commerce etc. or with the economic well being of the inhabitants of the North Bank and to take necessary action singly or jointly with other bodies or individuals in connection therewith.
  • (6) To promote or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the economical interests of the North Bank in Particular.
  • (7) To take all steps by lawful/democratic means that may be considered necessary and reasonable for the initiation, promotion alteration, support or opposition, as the case may be, to legislation or other measures affecting the Trade, Commerce, Industry etc. or oppose any measures affecting the aforesaid economic interest of the people in general and the business community in particular by public institutions such as Railways, Airlines, etc. and Public Utility Services, such as Post & Telegraphs, Electricity Board, Municipal Board and other local bodies etc. and for the improvement of practices and customs relating to Trade, Commerce, Industry etc.
  • (8) To make representations to or communicate with State or Central Government or any other authority or Local Body on any matter affecting the Trade, Commerce, Industry etc.
  • (9) To elect or nominate Representatives to the public and/or private bodies.
  • (10) To undertake by arbitration the settlement of commercial disputes amongst the members and others and to frame rules thereof and also to provide for arbitration in respect of disputes arising in the course of Trade, Commerce, Industry etc and to secure the services of experts for the same, if thought necessary amongst business community and associations on all subjects.
  • (11) To establish just and equitable principles in Trade, Commerce & Industry and encourage friendly feeling and unanimity.
  • (12) To co-operate with the Government, Public, Private Bodies, Individuals, etc. in any scheme or enterprise for facilitating procurement, transportation and just and equitable distribution of all kinds of commodities as well as for the economical development of Assam in general and North Bank in particular.
  • (13) To study the economic problems of India and those of Assam and of the North Bank in particular and to help and advise generally in respect of those problems and specifically with a view to encourage the people of North Bank to participate to a greater extend in Trade, Commerce, Industry etc.
  • (14) To find employment for qualified men and women in commercial and industrial establishments and if necessary, to train them up on that line and also to hold examinations for testing their competency and then to grant certificates.
  • (15) To promote the interests and claims of qualified candidates for employment in the technical, industrial, commercial and scientific department of the government, or in any public or private bodies and/or other institutions.
  • (16) To collect, compile and disseminate statistical and other vital and relevant information relating to Trade, Commerce, Industry etc. and to regularly promote the economic and technical education and awareness on the North Bank in particular by organizing lectures, symposiums, seminars, discussions, correspondences etc and through internet or by any other method thought desirable.
  • (17) To enter into any arrangement with any Government, Semi Govt. and/or private bodies that may seem conducive to the Chamber’s objects or any of them and to obtain from any such Government, Semi Govt. and/or private bodies all right, concessions and privileges which the Chamber may think desirable to obtain and to carry out exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions in the sole interests and benefits of the Chamber.
  • (18) To join, subscribe to, affiliate with, or otherwise co-operate with any other Association or Chamber whose objects are, in whole or part, similar to those of this Chamber and also allow the same privileges to such other bodies who desire to join, subscribe to or affiliate with this Chamber.
  • (19) To acquire by purchase, lease or hire, assign, transfer or otherwise, lands, buildings or other properties moveable or immoveable as the Chamber may, from time to time, think fit.
  • (20) To borrow or raise money for all or any of the objects herein contained upon such terms and in such manners and on such securities as may be determined and also to invest the money of the Chamber not immediately required for the purpose of its business upon such securities and in such manners as may be determined by the Chamber or its trust from time to time.
  • (21) To construct, alter, repair or extend any building required or used by or for the Chamber and to pull down or demolish any building or structure not so required.
  • (22) To accept any gift, bequest, loan, donation, endowment or subscription conditionally or unconditionally from any member of the Chamber or from any other person or institution or otherwise a fund or endowment for the protection or attainment of the objects of the Chamber and to invest the same as aforesaid.
  • (23) To form code(s) of conduct to practice, in order to simplify and facilitate smooth transaction of business.
  • (24) To establish a trust(s) and / or to appoint Board of Trustees there of from time to time and invest the funds or the surplus income or any property of the Chamber in the Board of trustees who shall hold and deal with the funds, surplus income and property in such manner as may be thought fit in the sole interest and benefit of the Chamber.
  • (25) To sell, improve upon, manage, development, exchange, lease out or under lease, let or sublet, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property for the prosperity of the Chamber.
  • (26) To maintain uniformity in Rules and Regulations and it’s usages in the various branches of the Trade, Commerce, Industry etc.
  • (27) To do all such other matter and things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above aims and objects in whole or part.
  • (28) To identify the social needs of the changing society and remain conscious about its socialresponsibilities by encouraging and undertaking any such social project(s) singly or in collaboration with other NGO(s) and or administration which may be considered necessary for the betterment of the area under the jurisdiction of the chamber keeping the well being of the members in mind.